The Paraya

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The Paraya

Out amongst the unforgiving sand dunes live a people apart; dressed in primitive robes, living secret lives of hidden meaning and obscured ritual are the Paraya. They are rarely seen as they walk in places most people would not dare on missions they explain to no one but those that have encountered them consider them as alien as the Nabi i themselves.


When the Paraya came to be and who the forebears were they do not reveal, they have existed as part of The Yashen Desert so long as it has existed, they have confirmed that they are mortal and native to this plane but no more.


Groups of Paraya seem to be formed into tribes, it is suspected that they may have tribal names or marks but they have never told anyone as such. Each individual tribe unit is lead by their Praacheen who is the eldest surviving member, they have the right to speak with the Chalam.

Chalam's live sequestered lives due to their alleged power of prophecy, the Paraya consider knowledge of the future to be incredibly dangerous and try to expose as few people to it as possible.  


The Paraya can be found throughout the desert, it is rumoured they have enclaves and fortresses hidden in the deep desert but these have never been found.


The Paraya

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