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 If you want to operate in the The Yashen Desert you will eventually run afoul of the Bandhu, either you work for the Bandit King or you are his competition and he does not brook competition. They are a loose collective of outlaws that pay tribute and bend a knee to the Bandit King in exchange for his protection, or at least to avoid his hostility.


After Yash Waghdhare was exiled from The Saphad Greenlands due to the machinations of The Sanhedrin he had no choice but to wander the The Yashen Desert seeking sanctuary. What he found were scattered bands of thugs that picked him over, sandwurms that tried to eat him and wandering animals that stalked him waiting for him to fall down and die. After a three days he lay face down in the sand, half naked and bleeding.

As if by chance instead of a hungry Coyote he was found by a member of the The Paraya on a vision quest, the strange desert folk took him in and taught him how to survive in the harsh lawless lands.Once he had been nursed back to health he was told by the tribes Praacheen  that his destiny was not to learn their ways but to teach his own, to bring civilization back to the wild sands.

After an unrecorded adventure he discovered the Staff of Sapera which had the power to control animals including the mighty Sandwurms, using this new power he took control of a Pirate crew and began traveling the desert breaking up the small bands and enclaves then filling the power vacuum himself.

After many years he finally had the allegiance of all the people in the desert and his fame as ‘king of the bandits’ has even spread to the ears of The Sanhedrin who declared him enemy number one of The Saphad Greenlands, there were several ill fated expeditions to capture him but his rule finally came to an end at the hands of one of his many daughters who stole his staff from him and declared herself the Bandit King. The title has been squabbled over ever since but currently resides in the hands of Maneesh Marane who has held the tile through might and intimidation for almost thirty years.


The Bandit King rules unequivocally over all the inhabitants of the The Yashen Desert except The Paraya, partly out of respect for them teaching the original Bandit King how to survive but mostly because they don’t care about money or possessions and as such have mutually exclusive interests. This means if you want to live on the dunes you must be a member of The Bandhu and bear their mark.

The Bandit King (who can be female) maintains their rule through sheer force or manipulation, the various miscreants that follow them do so because of fear and greed. His rule is reinforced through the use of Staff of Sapera, the only magical object known to turn aside the Sandwurms and by extension the only way to create a safe space in the The Yashen Desert .

The Bandit King may appoint others to positions of authority who are obeyed solely to appease the Bandit King themselves, their power extends no further than his favor and their ability to force others to obey them.

To become Bandit King all that is required is to kill the previous incumbent, take the Staff of Sapera and enforce your will on the various groups sheltering in the desert.


The Bandit King can be found periodically holding court at the Baajaar surrounded by his favored members of the Bandhu, the rest of the time there a roomers of a hidden city somewhere the Sandwurms cannot touch but this is often dismissed as a fairy story and it is assumed that the Bandit King just drifts about on his Armada of Sandsailers.

The Bandhu

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