Abraham Feignbaum

A traveling historian.


Abe’ loves telling stories, but he’s deadly serious about saving the world.


Abraham grew up on a small homestead farm near the Yasheen Desert, his family could not support another adult mouth to feed and seeing as Abe was an intelligent sort his family scraped together their savings to send him off to get an education.

He thrived in his studies and was even offered a place on one of the Sefer’s archeologist programs, quite the achievement for someone as uncultured and rustic as himself.

Between semesters he returned home and couldn’t help but notice the steady shrink of the farm over the years, for his dissertation he chose a field research option and traveled to all the boarders taking readings and charting the loss of land. After compiling his research he presented his findings and asked for a meeting with officials to alert them to the serious threat to their peace.

Instead the faculty accused him of sensationalism and rabble rousing. They failed him on the spot, disbarred him from publishing his findings and threw him out of the Sefer permanently. Abe decided that it was up to him and set off to find a solution to this problem.

Abraham Feignbaum

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