The Story So Far…

In the midst of your latest adventure you were approached by a stranger; hooded and cloaked with no discernible features at all. He claimed to have braved all manner of hardships to deliver a scroll saying it was for your eyes and your eyes alone.

The parchment was heavily warded to reveal its contents only to yourself; it was a plea from a mysterious benefactor, he claimed he was putting together a team of special individuals to aid him in his mission to save the world but that in order to achieve success it would involve going against powerful forces that while not directly opposing the operation would certainly come away with bruised toes.

He stated he was a man of much power and influence, that if they were successful then anyone involved would be a hero and could name any reward they chose but stressed that reward was a by-product of the mission not the goal.

He required a test of faith from each of you, some objective that would put you in conflict with the authorities in your life, with the resources he made available it was a trifling matter and after consideration you decided to take a chance.

After your success the cloaked figure returned with a magical item as a gesture of faith and a second document, it thanked you for your trust and in return revealed his objective to reclaim the desert encroaching on them all day by day, he claimed he has already pursued this through official channels but an increase in farmable land meant a dissemination of power so his plea had been ignored forcing him to take matters into his own hands.

He said he had been in communication with several others and that one final examination of your team working as well as proof of your commitment was required before he brought you all the way in.

Directions were provided and travel arranged to ferry you to the door step of an unremarkable house, stepping wearily over the threshold all exterior noise was magically snuffed out leaving you facing a group of bored and suspicious individuals gathered round a meeting table.

The Remembering Desert

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