Nuriel's Gift

Ring of Fire Protection.


Item Type: Wondrous
Weight: Weight 1 lb
Properties: Requires Attunement

Blessing of the Firelord
While wearing this Ring you have Resistance to Fire.


Sharmila’s Dedication
Where as most magical items have an illustrious history of many battles and masterful coups, this finely crafted ring comes from simple and humble origins.

Sharmila was a priestess of Nuriel, the lord of fire. She tended the central pyre of the temple at Aryeh for most of her life and lead a quiet existence, after years of dedication she was gifted this ring by the supreme hierophant so she would not burn herself in her advanced years.

When she finally passed away the ring was bequeathed to her god-daughter in the hope she would find peace in quiet piety.

Nuriel's Gift

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