Hat of Slime

Magic Hat


Wondrous item, uncommon (Cursed)

Brain Melter
If someone dons this hat, it affixes to them dealing 2d4 acid damage a turn.
it takes a strength save DC20 to remove, it continues dealing acid damage for 2 more turns.


The Spurned Apprentice
The Archmage Isha grew bored in his later years and played with taking on an apprentice, not so much out of desire to teach but more to have a lackey to order about and do chores for him. When Murukan, a young wizard, sook him out looking for instruction Isha decided to give it a try.

Murukan soon became dissatisfied with constantly cleaning, washing and serving the irritable and grumpy Isha, especially as his master put little or no effort into advancing his studies. Things came to a head when Murukan confronted his master who laughed off his complaining and stated he never had any real intention of teaching him anything.

Furious Murukan stormed out of Isha’s tower who promptly ignored the whole affair going back to his own studies un-aided. As a result he never bothered to check his hat before stuffing it on his head a month later and after on final round of mopping, Murukan took over as master.

Hat of Slime

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