Ethereal Crossbow

Light Crossbow+1

weapon (ranged)

Item Type: Simple Weapon
Damage: 1d8+1 Piercing
Weight: 5 lb.
Properties: Range (80/320), Two-Handed.

This stringless crossbow creates green glowing bolts of etheric energy that casts dim light 5ft. The bolts can hit insubstantial creatures or creatures on the ethereal plane. The Ethereal Crossbow cannot fire any other ammunition.


Corvus’s Revenge
When the elven homeland of Pathoris was overrun by D’sparil’s undead army the only soldier still free was Corvus.

He took up a one-man guerrilla campaign against the invader using various elven artefacts such as this one to beat back to horde to whence they came.

Corvus single handily routed the attacking army and city by city eliminated the zombie forces freeing the imprisoned populace, hailed as hero he could not give up his crusade and went charging off into the Badlands perusing the rear-guard of the fleeing necromancer.

It is suspected Corvus chased D’sparil into the catacombs and did battle with him in the dark places beneath the earth, but as he never returned to tell his tale no one will ever know.

Ethereal Crossbow

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