Ents's Tooth + 1

Wooden Scimitar


A sword carved out a Darkwood tree that leaves splinters behind in the wound when it strikes.

Properties: Finesse, Light
Weight 3
Damage Type Slashing
Item Type Melee Weapon
Damage 1d6+1, 2d4 Piercing


The Treant’s Revenge
Ashok was a happy and well meaning child that preferred wandering the woodland as opposed to interacting with other people, it was this way that he befriended the kindly old Birger; an ancient Treant that pulled him from a river he had fallen into.

Birger instructed Ashok the ways of the forest and introduced him to the other Sylvan creatures that dwelled in the deep woods outside his town.

However, the peace did not last as evangelicals of Uriel moved into town and declared the woodland possessed by evil spirits and the Sylvan that live there demons that needed to be eradicated, they whipped the population up into a fenzy and with torches and oil set the woods on fire.

Ashok was too late to save his friends and found Birger’s smouldering corpse under some burned beams just as his life force was ebbing away. Birger as his last act pulled this sword from his chest infusing it with his fury and hatred of the close minded and spiteful people that had destroyed his home.

Ashok took up the blade and murdered the priests before fleeing town, he was never heard from again and passed out of history.

Ents's Tooth + 1

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