Blade of Inculcation

Dagger +1


Item Type: Melee Weapon
Damage: 1d4+1 Piercing
Weight: 1 lb.
Properties:Requires Attunement, Finesse, Light, Range, Thrown (20/60)

Lash of the Mistress
When struck by this dagger the target must make a DC 12 Wisdom saving throw or take disadvantage on their next Wisdom Saving Throw. On a critical hit there is no save.

You may take a DC 10 Concentration check to will the knife to fly back to your hand.


The Madam’s Instruction
Lady Kali Rao always reacted badly to disobedience and was not above using her skills in enchantment to ensure the compliance of others, but as a member of the Royal family her only true rival was Lady Neha Roa who’s individualist streak protected her from Lady Kali’s machinations.

However one of Lady Kali’s cronies uncovered this blade at a bazaar, a plan was formed where one of her aids would throw the knife into Lady Neha’s back and while her mental defenses were compromised Lady Kali would slip in and assume control.

Suffice to say Lady Neha suffered a sudden change in perspective shortly after she was saved from a knife attack by her rival.

Blade of Inculcation

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